Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) meant for you?

A Pertinent Question Faced by Employers

It is but natural for an employer to get into a dilemma of whether to choose regular talent acquisition services or recruitment process outsourcing. And to make a wise choice, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the scenario.
Be it Recruitment process outsourcing or talent acquisition services, the choice is directly proportional to your HR Strategy for the year.

If it is just about hiring and the hiring volume is low and the internal team is equipped enough to handle the numbers using skilled HR tools, employers may not opt for Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. However, for most companies, the issue is not with the volume, but about managing all those HR tasks that gives you little or no time to focus on more important things, such as scalability and cost efficiency.

When it’s time for an RPO partnership?

While recruitment is a ‘one-size-fits-one’ kind of a service, there can be certain signs and signals which when studied closely would lead employers to choose the right option for their recruitment needs. Some of the common situations which would call for a RPO service as a go-to solution are discussed below:

1.       When you need specialised expertise: Having specialized and sound knowledge of verticals, markets or a new domain is of essence while working on a set of specific roles. Mandates that require domain specific knowledge are best handled by recruitment process outsourcing firms ensuring the best services delivered on time because they have exposure to many clients parallely in the same domain. Therefore, you save your valuable time researching on the new domain or market and spend it wisely on other tasks that matter! The experts will do a better job, anyday!

2.       When you have to speed up against time: That being quite a familiar scenario, when you need to close a position with a qualified candidate in a very short timeline, the curated and up-to-date pipeline of an RPO firm comes handy. For building a solid candidate base, one would require a specialised approach to understand the requirement and qualities of various roles, managing the stakeholders, internal and external along with an overall grip on the nuances of the business. And this takes time and expertise, which is readily available in a RPO service provider.

3.       When you have mandates of executive hiring; Executive hiring mandates can be tricky to handle given the level of specialised research and communication skills required in this job. And a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm with specialised hiring professionals would be a fool proof solution for such mandates.  

4.       When you have a seasonal rush: Seasonal hiring spikes are common in the recruitment business but that’s more of a short term project than a regular affair. These seasonal spikes in recruitment need special expertise to handle the mandate. A professional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) team can pump up your hiring volume for that big hiring push. While the in-house recruiting staff partners with the RPO team, the former can continue delivering on the regular mandates to run the business as usual. And that will satisfy both the long term and short term project goals.

ManpowerGroup RPO partners with organizations to customize solutions that involve all or part of a client’s recruiting operations, including:

Workforce Planning  I  Interviewing  I  Recruiting Strategy  I  Candidate Management  I  Sourcing & Screening  I  Offer Negotiation  I  On-Boarding        

Having among the world’s largest global RPO footprint with local understanding and presence in over 80 countries and territories, ManpowerGroup RPO team creates flexible, innovative solutions to meet the talent needs anywhere in the world. Our expert recruiters dig deep to understand an organization and the job profile and skills necessary for success. Our experience combined with proven sourcing strategies accelerates the acquisition of the best talent for the organization. In 2019, Everest Group has named ManpowerGroup a Global RPO Leader, recognising the breadth and scale of our RPO offerings, as well as our active investment in next generation services and technology.