Sunday, February 3, 2019

Automation and Robots: Companies want more human workers

Skills revolution is in full swing and robots are helping boost productivity.

However, quite contrary to the apparent focus on the fact that robots are replacing humans, this research by ManpowerGroup shows more Indian employers than ever - 76% - plan to increase or maintain headcount as a result of automation for the third consecutive year. Rather than reducing employment opportunities, organizations are investing in digital, shifting tasks to robots and creating jobs. At the same time, companies are scaling their upskilling so their human workforce can perform new and complementary roles to those done by machines.

Hard to Find - Harder to Teach

Demand for tech and digital skills is growing across all industries and functions yet employers place increasing value on human skills as automation scales and machines prove better at routine tasks. While 15% of organizations say it is difficult to train in-demand technical skills, 29% said it is even harder to teach the soft skills they need such as analytical thinking and communication. Candidates who can demonstrate higher cognitive skills, creativity and the ability to process complex information, together with adaptability and likeability, can expect greater success throughout their careers.

Companies now need more human workers with a very different set of skills. This demand for human workers is growing by the day and companies are adopting innovative strategies to fill in the talent shortage.

Majority (75%) of the Indian employers are pursuing one or more talent strategies to secure the skills they need and companies with a plan are more confident of expanding their headcount than those that are hesitating.

Build: Companies are realizing the fact that just in time talent will no longer be available even if they pay the premium for it. Upskilling existing employees is the sustainable way of building and retaining talent.

Buy: While building is a wise way of solving talent shortage issues, employers are ready to offer higher salary packages to hire and retain the sought after talent.

Borrow: Alternative or part-time labor is the trend of the NextGen workers and employers are offering alternative ways of working.

Bridge: Reskill. Reassign. Release. Creating pathways for employees to move around the organization as they skill up is important for both the parties. Those whose skills are no longer matching the requirements of the employer must be allowed to move with due respect and compassion.

But to really compete in the Skills Revolution, the leaders MUST promote a culture of learning, provide career guidance and offer short, focused upskilling opportunities. Employees need to know how to prepare for high-growth roles of the future and that their employer supports their learning.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The current world of work has seen a radical change due to the proliferation of Social Media. Millennials put a lot of importance on employer’s Brand in terms of the Organization and the people leading it while making career decisions. With social media and various electronic platforms, candidates now, have easy access to the leadership of a company.  Leaders play a significant role in the brand image of any Organization and Organizations are therefore sensitive towards the Public image of the Leader since it impacts not only the candidates but all the other stakeholders associated with the company. HR has a key role to play to train the leadership on personal branding. 

Most of the  MNC HR placement firms have a separate division to address the training needs of the corporates and one of the training module generally  have Personal branding as part of the Leadership Development Program. HR should expand their relationship with the HR placement firms and engage them in leadership development programs in order to create an impactful brand experience, inside out. The reason why the HR Placement Firms can do it best  is because during recruitment process they need to necessarily get inducted into the culture and values of the organization and while they do it, they understand the nervous system of the organization which makes it easier for them customize the Leadership Development Program to the Organization’s need.

Leadership Development Programs: A must have for Indian Staffing Companies
HR placement, today, is not just focused on staffing, but is the cornerstone of any well-groomed employer brand among the staffing companies in India. HR functions cover a much broader ambit of tasks, especially those in the placement firms. Besides managing volumes of employment applications, interviews and documentations, they are also focusing on marketing strategies, innovative incentive and training programs, service assurance initiatives etc. Leaders play a major role in driving change, or setting the tone of the culture in any organization. And therefore, Indian staffing companies must look forward to developing leadership development programs as a priority. 

Leadership Development Programs will benefit HR Placement firms
The leadership in the staffing companies in India tend to spend more time streamlining routine operations. Therefore, strategizing the approach towards handling day to day deliverables across a vast array of functions, locations, practices etc. will help leaders or potential leaders free up their valuable time and participate in creating and nurturing a better brand.  

Leadership skills, when fostered with situational awareness can create an impact on the organization both internally and externally. The must to have elements in the today’s leaders which a fresher joining that company or a professional (while applying job) will look for can be many. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Nurture and leverage situational awareness, self-awareness and core values while prioritizing 
  2. Cultivate strategic and diverse channels while leading disruption of the ‘old’ systems
  3. Innovate ways to get buy ins from the stakeholders, internal and external so that the new ideas are fed in the system smoothly

Leadership Development Programs should not be confined in a classroom training as it is a process that will go on with the evolving job market as more and more skilled workers are choosing the way they want to work – part time, temporary, freelance, contingent or contract. 

The way leaders in most of the staffing companies in India 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

HR and Automation: Ban or Boon?

Automation is seeping through all corners of our lives. And work! And the best part of automation is that it is effectively helping organizations automate mundane repetitive work and freeing up employees’ bandwidth for more valuable work and increase their productivity.

Human Resource Management is one such domain where automation has a broader scope of work. This domain indeed, needs a reboot. The humungous amount of transactional tasks human resource management teams do, especially those in the placement companies in India, require automation so that the HR professionals can focus on more meaningful, strategic projects to enhance the Human Resource management line of service.

Automation, however, is being perceived as both a boon and a ban. While the way we perceive makes a lot of difference, we must also put automation to the right use in order to make the most out of it.

While job losses seem a direct and obvious effect and is a source of insecurity for many as the daily volumes of tasks have been apparently justifying the positions so far, staffing solutions in India have started utilizing automation quite effectively. Identifying the areas which could be automated is the first step to ensure it’s a boon for businesses.
Placement companies in India MUST consider the following areas for automation to ensure a hassle free smooth recruitment process, especially for those providing staffing solutions in India:
1.       Employee personal data
2.       Onboarding
3.       Off-boarding
4.       Timesheets
5.       Leave Management
6.       Performance Management
7.       Employee benefits
8.       Expense claims
Strategic application of automation in the placement companies in India will surely impact positively and take the HR fraternity to the next level. It’s the HR who does what humans do best – to think and be creative, foster interpersonal and social skills. And freeing up more time for creative thinking is what automation must be used for. And HR in any organization is the focal point for integrating technology in all the above processes and therefore, shape the functioning of an organization!

Automation is more of a boon in Placement companies in India as more and more organizations are embracing technology to streamline their functions and shape the future of work.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How to get the best out of employees through ‘Leadership & Management’ training programs

There is a famous saying that one thing that is constant in life is ‘Change’. One place where this saying is completely apt is the workplace since the skills that were in demand couple of years back are no longer in demand. This change can be mainly attributed to the ‘Knowledge Industry’ that has witnessed rapid changes in technology, management & operational methodologies (Agile, Lean, etc.), cultural & mindset changes (that can be attributed to the startup wave). The business scenario has become very dynamic; hence it has become critical that business leaders & managers who are the pillars of the organization should be quick & responsive to change.

How does one adapt to changes and what additional role can business leaders play to uplift their organization’s brand & morale of the employees? Leaders, especially managers who are responsible for ‘business deliverables’ have to understand employee’s requirements (training, skill development, role change, etc.) and build a bridge between the employee & the human resource management team. Many organizations achieve these results by partnering with specialized Innovative WorkForce Solutions Company like ManpowerGroup since it helps them reduce costs, as well as utilize the deep-rooted management & functional expertise of consultants associated with them. An HR partners’ primary business would be IT companies recruitment, but since they work hand-in-hand with their partner organizations (who outsource their HR department); they are aware of the market trends & employee’s requirements.

In many cases, employees who are doing exceptionally well in their day-to-day activities might be lacking certain technical/managerial/leadership skills that might be a hindrance for them to move up the ladder. This is where HR partners like ManpowerGroup can act as a catalyst and pitch in to meet the employee’s demands for ‘career & skill development’. They offer specialized Management training programs that play a vital role in honing their skills, making them more productive, efficient and well-rounded leaders. Some of the programs that can be instrumental for employees are

Keeping up-to-date with changes - As per a research, in an organization; only 25% of the employees are more prompt & effective for change. The change would be technological change, role change, process change, etc. Employees do not want to move out of their ‘comfort zones’ and that mindset makes them less resistant to changes. Based on organization’s core business, employee strength & other important factors, the HR Partner comes up with a tailor-made training program to hone employee’s skills, build agility, and make an employee aware about their complementary skills. Such programs make them more proactive for change so that they can take up more challenging roles in the organization.

Leadership Development – Any organization would be delighted if they are able to identify leadership traits in their own employees since those employees have already proven their worth & the organization trusts them! Organizations only need to hone their leadership skills, communication skills, negotiation skills (for a business development role) so that they have an effective leadership plan. With such trainings, organizations can build their army of gen-next leaders who are hidden in some cubicles within the organization J

Self-management & Soft Skills - From a managerial standpoint, one of the most difficult things to do is letting an employee go, either due to employee’s under-performance or changing business landscape. Managers have to follow a more ‘humane approach’ and choose the right words in such a difficult scenario. However, a study shows that many managers are effective in getting the best out of their employees but lack the soft skills/communication skills.

The primary job of a leader/manager is getting work done from their subordinates and improper email/verbal communication could hamper the motivation of their colleagues. Leadership & soft-skills training is effective in inculcating ‘effective communication’ trait in managers & their subordinates. It also focuses on ‘self-management’ so that all the employees are more organized in their workplace.

In difficult scenarios, HR partners help the outgoing employee with placement service, skills development, through specialized programs so that their career is not adversely impacted due to changing business needs.

To summarize, ‘training programs’ can be effective to hone employee skills and bringing the best of them!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How choosing the right Staffing Agency can help to kick-start your career

Every individual has unique qualities, but that quality can only be fruitful when it is applied in real life. The same thing is also applicable when someone is looking out for a job-change as he/she might have the right skills, but whether they would find a job which requires those skills depends on the methodology they use for job-search. Whether a candidate is fresher or experienced, he/she needs to use a mix of online and offline approach when looking out for a change.

Along with the core skills required for the job, candidates are also expected to have good communication skills since ‘right communication’ is the key to any business. There are many HR placement agencies in India but you need to choose the right placement consultants who can support you in your job search. There is a growing trend where many small-time staffing solutions demand money from candidates by promising a job. You should always check the authenticity of the HR placement agencies that approach you and take a detailed look at their history. Merely having a well-designed website does not make a staffing company genuine!

ManpowerGroup, a leader in innovative workforce solutions has been addressing the talent needs of their partner organizations by assisting them with temporary staffing, permanent staffing, leadership search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). ManpowerGroup is a pioneer as far as staffing solutions in India is considered as it has clients spanning multiple geographies, multiple businesses (IT Services, IT Products, Manufacturing, etc.) and provides expert staffing services to Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups. It is not a conventional candidate-facing placement agency, but having been in the business of ‘staffing’ for many years, its HR-staffing experts have a deep-level of understanding about the ‘jobs & skills’ that are in demand. As per their research, organizations look for candidates that have the right mix of skills & attitude. Merely having a good academic background does not help, a job candidate should have the quench for knowledge.

As per a report by the group, 56% of the employers say that they can’t find the skills they need. This is because the job market is very volatile and skills that were in demand couple of years back have not lost relevance. As a job candidate, you need to constantly up-skill yourself since ‘up-skilling’ is the only way to stay ‘relevant’ in the job industry. Digital Technologies are playing a major role in creating new jobs that never existed, a couple of years from now. It is advisable that job candidates utilize the plethora of free material relevant to their ‘domain & expertise’ on the internet so that they are up-to-date with the latest trends in their domain. When it comes to job search, candidates should utilize the power of ‘online business networks’ since they can connect with other professionals having similar expertise. There are many employees in an organization that have leadership skills but are yet to take the leadership plunge. This is where ManpowerGroup can bring the transformational change in your organization by identifying next-generation leaders from within the organization and imparting management training programs.

In a nutshell, there is a talent shortage in every industry and organizations try to fill the talent-gap either by grooming internal employees to make them future-ready or hire external talent when they are unable to meet the talent demand from within the organization. As a job seeker, it is advisable to stay ‘relevant’ and employ the right mix of ‘online & offline’ when you plan to make the next ‘big move’!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a specialized form of Business Process Outsourcing in the HR domain where the Recruitment process is outsourced to an external provider.

Why Outsourced recruitment process is important?

Isn’t recruitment an inherent part of the HR function?  Well, it is, and that is the reason this needs special attention and must be dealt with extra care by the specialists. The business growth depends on the people after all.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a smart and efficient way of managing talent. However, Recruitment Outsourcing process is not the same as that of staffing or supplying talent to any organization. It is more than that. Any Recruitment Process Outsourcing company will take ownership of the end to end process and methodology of recruitment, unlike the staffing companies who just do the fieldwork of finding talent and arrange the interviews. Recruitment Outsourcing is a robust process and takes care of all the aspects of Human Resource from talent searching till on-boarding, engagement and training and is customizable according to the requirements of organizations including assisting an Organization to start in a new region by identifying the most productive ground.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in India

This is not maturing in the Indian job market as majority of the organizations have beginning to realize the importance of focusing on the core and leaving the experts to manage the people, so now outsource their recruitment process to the specialists. Recruitment process outsourcing in India has come a long way in the last few years with the growing talent market that is becoming complex by the day with technological disruption ruling the new job roles.

RPO not only saves companies time for concentrating on more relevant tasks but makes talent management much more streamlined and hassle free. Also Partnering with MNC like ManpowerGroup and other RPO companies gives the Organization an exposure to the worldwide best practices without having to going through the process of the learning curve.

However, companies who are reaching out to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) specialists, must consider certain elements to have a better understanding of how to evaluate the pros and cons of this service.

Few questions to be asked

  1. Outsourcing recruitment MUST not lead to giving up the basic HR skills and expertise any organization must have. Evaluate before outsourcing the recruitment process.
  2. Is there a logical rationale to appoint a RPO service provider and does it align with the organization’s business strategy?
  3. How much cost cutting will you achieve?
  4. Will outsourcing the recruitment process create a clash in the company/organization culture?
  5. In this current career climate when requirements are volatile and short-lived and niche, recruitment process outsourcing MUST be done considering flexibility in the business model that will match the changing talent needs and availability.
  6. Which aspect of the HR portfolio is the expertise you seek from your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Partners?
Answering all these questions will indicate your readiness to extract the best out of your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Partner.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Job consultancy in India: Then and Now

Job Consultancy in India has come a long way – from body shopping to consultancy. Is it one and the same? Or a sophisticated version of the older one?

This contract service is prevalent in India for more than 30 years! During initial times body shopping was mocked by the big players saying these body shopping companies farm the IT and non-IT workers to generate revenue and do not have any traditional solutions or services of their own. Even professionals who got jobs through such companies would shy away from acknowledging their employer and to some extent confused as to whom to call the employer! The client brand, that was more glorious a name or the real employer providing the payroll.

This was the scenario many, many years back, way back in the 70s and 80s. However, now the job market and the sentiments attached around the employer, the job role and the background have progressed and that reflects on how professionals nowadays boast about the consultancy firm they belong to. Even the consultancy firms in India have revamped the way they used to function. It’s not just body shopping or contracting a worker but also providing expert advice, trainings, market intelligence, strategies etc. to the client companies and also to the job seekers.

But one thing has remained constant for the staffing companies in India from olden times, and that is the advantage they offer and these are: Cost efficiency, Capital saving, time saving, reduced overheads.

Majorly known for offering contractual jobs to professionals, the job consultancy in India has now multiple forms of staffing solutions, namely – Sub-contract, Perm staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, etc. Besides these, staffing solutions in India, nowadays are also providing many more services directly and indirectly associated to the professional growth of job seekers.

There was a lot of hearsay about the body-shopping companies in India with comments such as ‘bad career decision’ for those who would take up contractual jobs. But with all this growth and advancement in the staffing solutions in India, all those notions seem to be null and void.

Staffing companies in India are a one stop shop for any kind of job requirement both for the companies and the job seekers. And with the volatile nature of the current job market, job consultancies in India are even more sought after to meet the special requirements for limited time periods.