Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can benefit your Organization

Employees are considered as the pillar of any organization, be it a multi-national company or a startup. While hiring a person, the hiring organization also checks whether the prospective recruit possesses the required skills so that he is a good cultural fit for the organization. Unfortunately, one of the problems that organizations face is recruiting and retaining the right talent that suits the business and the workplace environment.

In some cases, when the HR department has to fill up open positions on a tight timeline, they tend to make mistakes by hiring the wrong people. Such ‘hiring mistakes’ can result in additional costs being incurred by the organizations and hence many organizations opt for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for their hiring, sourcing, retention and career development needs. RPO as a concept has been around for a couple of years and there are many inherent advantages of using Recruitment Outsourcing Process

Reduction in recruiting costs
Human Resources (HR) team from many organizations spend a lot of effort on job boards, headhunters, scouting for talent on business networking sites, etc. This comes at a huge cost and there is less Return on Investment (ROI). If the hiring process is not streamlined or if the hiring process is lengthy, it could result in a delay in hiring thereby impacting the project deadlines. In a dynamic business environment, companies can partner with renowned recruitment agencies in India which have a proven track-record and such agencies can act as an RPO partner since they have a deep-rooted expertise when it comes to recruitment.

This not only helps in streamlining the recruitment process but also helps in reducing the overall costs since organizations can hire good talent at a faster pace, keeping the HR function free to focus on other aspects of the organization.

Customized ‘staffing’ solutions to fit your business needs
An RPO partner does not work like a stand-alone entity, rather it works very closely with various departments within the organization, understanding their business strategy, hiring guidelines, company culture guidelines, etc. Irrespective of the size of the business, they can act as catalysts when it comes to anything related to ‘staffing’ and ‘recruitment’. They are flexible in their approach and do not follow the ‘One Size Fits All’ strategy for hiring. Hiring experts from RPO partner align themselves according to your business requirements.

Expertise in hiring ‘Quality Candidates’
The saying ‘One bad apple spoils the whole bunch’ is apt when it comes to hiring a candidate since one ‘wrong recruit’ in a team can spoil the culture of the whole team and make his other team members de-motivated. This is one of the primary reasons why organizations look for the candidate’s accomplishments, soft skills, etc. along with his relevant work experience and educational background. Due to pressing business constraints, hiring managers might not be in a position to look into these qualities in the candidate resulting in the hiring of a ‘bad apple’.

An RPO partner has relevant experience and expertise to identify such traits in the candidates, resulting in hiring the best people for their client. This eventually makes the hiring manager free to focus on other jobs in the organization and mentor the RPO partner on a need-to-need basis.

Employer’s Dream - Being a ‘Great Place to Work’
Organizations need ‘quality people’ and people need ‘jobs’ in quality organizations. Candidate quality and employer brand value also plays a huge role in hiring & retaining talent. With the advent of social media, candidates can manage to get a more-or-less insider’s view into an organization’s work culture, leadership traits of the higher management, expected pay scale (as per his expertise & experience), etc. Due to these reasons, organizations take utmost care to ensure that they are considered ‘employer of choice’.

Lengthy recruitment process and bad HR practices could tarnish a company’s brand image, eventually impacting their business. Partnering with the right RPO partner like ManpowerGroup Solutions that have expertise & experience in RPO can help in strengthening the core recruitment functions in your organization, making your organization goodGreat place to work’!

Contract to Hire: The latest hiring trend in 2018

With the disruption in technology impacting the labor market across sectors, there is a rising gap in talent in terms of required skillsets to match the competitive industry requirements. Most employers are, therefore, revamping their human capital structure.

“Trial before you hire” is the latest trend in developing workforce among the recruitment agencies in India in 2018 and it will keep growing in coming years.

What does contract to hire mean?   

Contract to hire (C2H) is no more new to the job seekers now. Contract staffing is having part of the recruitment process assigned to a staffing company like ManpowerGroup India who will cover the sourcing, screening, interview etc. on behalf of the corporate recruiter. Candidates are then interviewed by the end client’s team and on-boarded on the payroll of the contract partner providing Payroll Services for a pre-determined time period under the contractual deed.

Why choose contract staffing over direct?
  • Candidates get the opportunity to know about the organization before they decide to join as a full time employee
  • The organization also gets time to evaluate the candidate for a predetermined period.
  • The entire process of bringing contract-to-hire employee onboard is less time invasive.
  • There is no long term commitment for the candidate.
  • The company is not directly involved in managing the benefits and remuneration of a candidate until he or she comes on board as a permanent employee.
  • From an administrative perspective, direct hire is more expensive than temp-hire considering the amount of money and time an organization has to invest for the recruitment functions.
  • Both the employer and the candidate enjoy flexibility in their work schedules in terms of getting more exposure while working across various projects and also meet short term requirements
  • Contract staffing helps the end customers build a diverse talent pool and also the candidates get the opportunity to work on various projects and build their expertise and experience.