Wednesday, August 30, 2017

No Matter What; Get on With Your Job Search

A job search can produce a lot of anxiety. Today, there’s so much information available on internet that it can easily overwhelm you.  Once you get through the preparation process of getting your resume and cover letter together, you still have work to do. There’s applying, networking and the much dreaded interviewing. No matter how unhappy you are in your current job, your search keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list and the needle never moves.

Not able to figure out what’s really going on? Or could it be time to evaluate the mental roadblocks getting in the way? Let us have a look on some tips to ease out these fears.

Let go off those fears-
Everyone, no matter what career lifecycle he/she is in, fear, worry and insecurity comes natural with a job search process. You may have started the search with a lot of enthusiasm that over time turned into disappointment. This is common. Like countless other job seekers, you may be afraid of not being good enough. These feelings present an obstacle to confidence when you’re in the thick of a job search. Take time to reflect on what's really going on inside, work towards your skills which help you regain that lost confidence.

The best deal is to invest in your strengths- 
We often compare ourselves to others rather than focusing on building ourselves. As you work to overcome your fears, concentrate on figuring out what you bring to your next employer. Think about your successes over the years and acknowledge how these are derived from your talents. When you focus on what makes you special, you will not only fuel your job search but also develop a positive attitude, which will help you attract and land opportunities.

Drop those assumptions-
It’s good to think that you deserve the best, but do not assume that it will come easily. This is simply not the case. In truth, the search for a new job – especially one that you really want – will take extra efforts and more time than you may think. Be organized, tenacious and committed. While finding work you love is not easy, the reward is worth it. It’s up to you to drive that process to closure using good project-management skills.

Don’t let your fears paralyze your job search. Take control of them, acknowledge your strengths and get moving. It’s going to take work but if you crush your fears; more opportunities could come unexpectedly down your road.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New hires? Increase their productivity quotient.

For a new hire, the first few weeks on the job are critical; it is exciting and scary, kind of like doing the tango. It can make all the difference in their first impression of the employer and in how long they decide to stay with a company. Whether the new hire is just starting their career or is a seasoned business professional, everyone needs guidance at the beginning of a new job.

Ensure your on-boarding process is easy and effective for your new hires. There are some easy ways to expedite this instead of having to spend all or part of the first shift doing it.

The welcome Docket
This is a first-hand experience for the new employee and to become familiar with the organization, the department and the team members they will work with, and how their job relates to the larger vision of the company. Provide all important policies, dress codes or other things expected of employees, including administrative information as well. It should be a fun read by including the culture and trivia about the company. It might take a little more of your time but a personalized kit too creates that exhilarating feeling on the first day at work. Ensure they all have necessary documents with them without any follow-ups.

Provide and share goals
To keep the new hires motivated, it is helpful to give them some predetermined goals to accomplish in the first few months. Don't assume they already know their goals. This will provide clarity just in case, and will help get them involved in their work right away. Having clear expectations will also boost their confidence immediately. Keep in mind they should be reasonable and attainable goals. Be sure to clearly express what you expect of them. You could set some basic goals for all new employees and then talk to them about personalized goals as well. Helping your new hires start their job on the right foot will play a big part in their motivation, regardless of their level and position.

Provide support. 
It is critical to be available for your newly hired employees in the first several weeks. However, this doesn't have to take too much time out of your schedule. Take the initiative to check in with them for 15 minutes each week to see how they are feeling with their workload and team and provide sincere commendation. Introduce them to more experienced employees and if you have a mentoring program at your company, make an introduction as well. They will feel more like a part of the team and will appreciate the personal interest.

The on-boarding process doesn’t have to be always difficult. Make it a good experience for the company and the new employee. Deliver clear direction, support and maintain a proper communication. Employees who believe that management is concerned about them are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled.