Friday, December 13, 2019

Offshore Development Center (ODC): The Secret Sauce to Success

While it’s true that outsourcing projects to an offshore development center saves time and resources considerably, it is important that the Offshoring partner is chosen prudently. Businesses choose to outsource their work to an offshore development center because of various reasons, such as skill shortage, cost issues, time constraints etc.

Let’s take a look at the advantages businesses can expect of an Offshore Development Center


Be it a long-term project or a short-term assignment, you can structure the team as per your requirements, both in terms of size and expertise.

High Productivity, leading to higher revenues and saving time

ODC (Offshore Development Centre) works while the in-house team is off-duty specifically for countries in different time zones leading to round-the-clock operations! And vice versa. Offshore or near shore development centers utilise the time zone difference ensuring high quality work at shorter release cycles, thereby saving time which can be further invested in other projects.

Businesses can therefore reduce their delivery time for critical projects and stay ahead of competition.  

Cost Efficiency

High quality work at a lower cost is the forte of Offshore Development Centers (ODC). Direct and indirect cost is reduced as the business doesn’t have to invest in recruitment, training, compliances and infrastructure which can otherwise incur considerable operational cost and bandwidth.

Optimal usage of resources

An expert Offshoring vendor will make the most out of the resources, if engaged on a Performance matrix based remuneration.

The benefits of Offshore Development Centres (ODCs)are manifold but there is a flip side which when taken care of, can create a win-win deal for both the parties. 

Lack of control and effective communication can create roadblocks that may hinder the optimum outcome, but can be subdued with a few best practices applied diligently.

Best Practices for a remarkable offshoring experience

Leverage communication platforms for active collaboration

The time difference, language barrier and even differences in the cultural backgrounds may lead to communication gap between the two parties. Why not utilize the digital platform for effective collaboration? Skype, Google hangouts, and even WhatsApp communication help individuals connect beyond borders.

Define realistic expectations

Communicating explicitly while setting reasonable goals is a MUST when dealing with Offshore Development Centers as this will help steer clear of any last minute surprises such as lengthy approvals, hidden costs, unforeseen alterations in the project, etc.  

Keep an eye

It’s not true that just because businesses outsource projects and focus on core tasks, the outsourced task is of any less importance. Most of the times it is even more important and therefore given to the experts to be delivered efficiently. Hence, a close monitoring is required and regular checks on the progress helps the business stay ahead of any kind of hitches.

Experis IT Offshore Development Center partnership advantage:

·       Time Saving – Ready-to-deploy resources with expertise in handling multiple projects for MNCs across the Globe.

·       Cost Saving – Reduces the cost of hiring, on-boarding, training and paid leaves. HR and Organizational set-up at no additional cost.

·       Faster ROI - leveraging well-defined processes and procedures to deliver ROI as compared to a new set-up

·       Robust Backend –IT and Network Security as per Global Norms

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